Wednesday, July 21, 2010

SUNY Downstate RN Classes

It's important to know that people care. And people do. Our center provides the needed attention and care that everybody deserves. For the past three summers we've been working with SUNY Downstate RN classes to help educate our members about their health and how to stay healthy. We've got about 5 workshop days each summer and they've been a great success. The nurses come in to do several presentations such as the effects of smoking, fast food and lack of exercise. They also take everyone's blood pressure and discuss personal health problems with each individual who is interested. Don't worry about being shy, or scared to reveal your medical history to the world. We've got it covered. The consultations are done in private, one by one. Dorchester believes that this is an amazing opportunity to have a chat with a nurse, one on one. Not only can everyone benefit from such visits, they can also fulfill their curiosity about how to care for themselves, what food to eat, what to avoid. We're hoping to continue working with the wonderful staff and their RN students for many years to come.

2010 SUNY Downstate RN Class

You can always throw some fun into it!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Knitting and Crocheting Club

Our knitting and chrocheting instructors.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Cakes at Dorchester

Dorchester Center is not only a fun place to relax, but it is also a great place to eat. Oh, believe me on this one. Not only do we serve great homemade Kosher food, we also have Kosher cakes for all occasions! Birthdays, Anniversarys, Mother's Day, you name it! Our center pre-orders delicious cakes that look like works of art. Here are some of the cakes we previously had. We had to snap pictures fast, because everyone is always eager to taste them. Come to our center and you can get a slice too!

Summer Volunteers at Dorchester!

This summer 5 volunteers and 2 SYEP members joined our center. They are all teenage girls named Tiffany Chong, Scarlet Gonon, Sabina Vafeva, Viktoriya Tsoy, Nargiza Babaeva, Cheranne Clermont and Fiza Khan. They're here to improve our center and help you anytime. We work with them to re-organize closets, decorate our dining room and other arts and crafts projects to make this place more exciting. With them we came up with new ideas and new events for our senior members. Do you like shopping at a thift store? Well now, we have one of our own. The volunteers helped set up The Dorchester Shop that now sells donated clothes to our seniors. Speaking of which, our center is open for any clothing donations that you may have. We also came up with a list of upcoming events that the members seem to really look forward to. This includes another Senior Idol, Movie Days, Mix and Match days and other fun contests that let our members express themselves and win prizes. The girls are also here to help you. Need a glass of water? No problem. This is just to say that Dorchester is filled with friendly people and staff that are here to make your day more enjoyable. So what are you waiting for? Pay us a visit, its free.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Trips to Governor's Island

Last summer we filled a bus on two successive Fridays for trips to Governor's Island, which is reached via a short free ferry ride from lower Manhattan. Our members enjoyed exploring the island as well as the beautiful weather, and spectacular views of lower Manhattan. We were able to view the Statue of Liberty and enjoy a nice lunch. Governor's Island also offers free bicycle rentals on Fridays, so those who dare can give that a try. Seeing that our members enjoyed the trip, we decided to visit again this year.